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A young roster is cheap, filled with players on minimum-salary rookie contracts and little ability to dart elsewhere in free agency. The future might be bright, but some of the NFL’s youngest players get sidetracked.Throwback Jerseys.On- and off-field mistakes are bound to happen.Older rosters have savvy, battle-tested players. They generally know where to be, what to expect and how to act. That experience comes with a price that weighs down even the NFL’s ever-expanding salary cap. Replacing a serviceable 10-year veteran with a rookie can create cost savings of 50 percent or more.The Arizona Cardinals have the oldest group of 22 starters in the NFL, based on actual lineups used by teams in Week 1 games and projected lineups for the Dolphins and Buccaneers, whose opener was postponed because of Hurricane Irma.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Cardinals’ average age of their starters was 28.41 years old, or 0.77 years older than any other team.

The NFL announced on Thursday morning that Alabama and LSU were tied for the most players on NFL Kickoff 2017 active rosters with 39 each.It’s the first time Alabama’s been in the top spot.Wholesale Jerseys.When Nick Saban took over in 2007, the Crimson Tide had just 17 players in the NFL.Alabama’s been closing the gap ever since, although his previous team could boast being the NFL’s primary resource of talent the past three years. The Tigers had 42 players in 2016, 40 in 2015 and 38 in 2014 on opening weekend.The number does not include injured players or those who started the season on a practice squad. It’s the only time during the year that the NFL does a full breakdown of the rosters, which are otherwise in flux.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Alabama set NFL draft records by having seven players among the first 55 selections, and nine of the first 79, plus set the program’s modern record with 10 players picked. That tied the Crimson Tide’s overall record from 1945, when the draft went 32 rounds and none of Alabama’s selections were in the first seven rounds.

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The Adrian Peterson experiment in New Orleans is going to need some time. I counted nine snaps for Peterson with six carries (18 yards, no touchdowns), his lowest total in his career, per NFL Research.Cheap China Jerseys.He was not booed (at least not loudly enough to hear it on television), but coach Sean Payton had him in the backfield for his first career non-Vikings snap. On the field, the Saints used him exactly how the world expected Peterson to be used. Just once by my count he appeared in a formation that didn’t also feature Drew Brees directly under center. That one shotgun snap also saw Peterson motioned out wide and Brees sacked. In a perfect world, I believe he will be the type of player LeGarrette Blount was in New England — a convenient closer when the Saints are ahead. There are already two backs (Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram) who fit the system as presently constructed much better.Cheap Jerseys From China.The Saints attempted a goal-line play action to Peterson that was sniffed out and sent a frustrated Peterson back to the bench with no catch and no points.

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